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Affiliate Marketing 101

Affiliate Marketing is a form of marketing that involves a merchant (the product owner), an advertiser (the affiliate promoting the product ), and a consumer to purchase from them.

Affiliate Marketing offers a tremendous value to small business owners because they get to leverage risk-free marketing since they only pay when a sale is made.

Consumers benefit from affiliate marketing because marketers are encouraged to create highly valuable free content.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

There are lots of Affiliate Marketing Tools on the Internet, free and paid, good and bad, necessary and unnecessary.....

  • Hosting - Do you need your own website? Or can you do it with a free one or maybe other platforms like Medium, Facebook or Instagram ?
  • Pagebuilder...What are they, what can they do, which one to choose?
  • Email autoresponders ... free ones, paid ones, do I need them at all ? 
  • Content Creator, Traffic Analyzer,  Funnel Creators.... 

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What I started to learn and apply in the Affilate Marketing Industry is what I now want to give on to you .

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Frank Voce